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​​W elcome to the website of Lisa Jill Allison and thank you for viewing her artwork!

What you see here are examples of Lisa Jill Allison’s artwork. Many pieces have been sold, but some may still be available. New pieces have been created as well, and can be viewed on Facebook and Pinterest, or by contacting Lisa directly.

Visit often to see her most recent artwork as well as specials and upcoming events!


Lisa Jill Allison

Chief Expression Officer

Lisa’s work originates from deep within her soul where it has simmered and matured for a lifetime. Her works come to life on the canvas like a fiery volcano, magically softened like the opening of a radiant flower. There’s always a sense of the explosiveness of the former blended with the calm, relaxing nature of the later, an interesting blend of energy and serenity that is both intriguing and inspirational.

Her work has exhibited in top line galleries from New York to Miami, in foreign embassies, in countless juried shows and throughout the vibrant Florida art world. Lisa is very engaged with charity work as well, an effort “near and dear” to her.



Lisa Jill Allison - Matthew R Stover-4